How to cope with holiday grief

I was startled a few weeks ago when familiar feelings of grief surfaced. It was evening, mid-October, and there was a sadness I hadn't felt for a while.

Pray for the dead

In this final month of the Year of Mercy, please practice one of the spiritual works of mercy by praying for the following priests, deacons and religious sisters who have died in the past year (Sept. 1, 2015, to Aug. 31, 2016).

The coffinmaker

‘A hunger for authenticity’ led Marcus Daly back to church and his life’s vocation

Catholic Voices - The secret of letting go

For years — decades, even — my greatest fear in life was the prospect of facing the death of my mother. Worry about its inevitability and my inability to survive it became a cloak of apprehension that wrapped itself around my days and haunted my dreams at night.

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