The essential role of the laity in the Church

Did you know the Holy Father has a special prayer intention each month? Each member of the Church is asked to pray for his intentions, especially at Mass each day. I thought it would be helpful to talk about the Holy Father’s intention for this month of October:

That by the virtue of baptism, the laity, especially women, may participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church.

Construyendo una cultura de vida

Como católicos, alabamos a Dios por su genio creativo. Proclamamos que toda vida es buena y que cada vida humana es muy buena. Cada vida humana, desde el momento de la concepción, es un signo de la libre decisión de Dios de traer al mundo una nueva vida. La decisión es de Dios. Dios elige. Dios elige amar. Dios elige la vida.

Building a culture of life

As Catholics, we praise God for his creative genius. We proclaim that all life is good, and that every human life is very good. Every human life from the moment of conception is a sign of God’s free choice to bring forth new life. The choice is God’s. God chooses. God chooses love. God chooses life.

Preserving our mission

Each year, Catholics in the United States collectively give tens of millions of dollars to national collections that carry out the Gospel call to assist the poor and vulnerable by addressing pastoral and human development challenges impacting people domestically and internationally. Our donations show our solidarity, assist people at their most vulnerable and help to evangelize and teach the faith. While we also support our local parish and diocese, national collections allow modest gifts to the collection basket to make multi-million-dollar differences on lives and communities here at home and around the world.

Archbishop blesses new St. Martin’s abbot

LACEY – As the monks at St. Martin’s Abbey prepared to elect a new abbot to succeed longtime Abbot Neal Roth, Benedictine Father Marion Qui-Thac Nguyen knew there was a slight possibility he would be nominated.

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Viviendo con pasión nuestro Año de la Eucaristía

En agosto del año pasado, el Centro de Investigaciones Pew reveló la preocupante cifra de un 69% de los católicos en Estados Unidos que no creen que Cristo está presente en la Eucaristía. Es mi sentir que dos factores importantes que han contribuido a esta crisis son: la escaza formación eucarística tanto de catecúmenos como de sus catequistas, así como los abusos litúrgicos que adulteran la Santa Misa.

Living our Year of the Eucharist with passion

Last year in August, the Pew Research Center released an alarming statistic: 69% of Catholics in the United States don’t believe Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. In my opinion, two important factors have contributed to this faith crisis: the insufficient formation of both catechumens and catechists, and liturgical abuses that harm the holy Mass.

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