Faith is getting its due on the small screen 

WASHINGTON - Treatments of the Catholic faith are getting their due on various TV networks. Except that, with the fractured nature of the 500-channel universe -- a quaint term to anyone with satellite TV -- you have to keep your eyes wide open. Blink and it'll be gone.

Why I love my invisible friend

One of the favorite taunts of the New Atheists is that religious people believe in an “invisible friend.” They are implying, of course, that religion is little more than a pathetic exercise in wishful thinking, a reversion to childish patterns of projection and self-protection. It is well past time, they say, for believers to grow up, leave their cherished fantasies behind, and face the real world.

Fueled by unspeakable joy

Sometimes everything can seem right on the surface while, deep down, nothing is right at all. We see this, for example, in the famous parable in the Gospels about the prodigal son and his older brother.

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