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People of Faith - Steve Olson

Steve Olson sings for ChristInterview by Dan Lee Steve Olson has spent more than 30 years in public service and safety with the Seattle Police Department and Seattle Fire Department. As an arson investigator, he uncovers and reports the causes of fires and assists displaced families.

Cover Story - The journey home

By Jean Parietti The doors to St. Rose de Viterbo Church swung open and Karla Garcia stepped with her family into the sanctuary. The 12-year-old’s eyes were immediately drawn to the large crucifix hanging above the altar.

The power of the rosary

October is the month of the rosary, the string of beads and prayers that popes have called a “compendium of the entire Gospel.” For centuries, the rosary has been one of the most prevalent forms of popular piety in the Catholic Church. By meditating on its mysteries and reciting its…

Rediscovering a pearl of great price

By Jean Parietti The surprising sacrament of matrimony As a teenager, “Mary” was an energetic and faithful member of her parish, attending Sunday Mass, joining the youth group and being confirmed. So when Mary’s pastor, Father Tom Vandenberg, ran into her about a year after her high school graduation, he…

Finding the face of Christ in the poor

BY KEVIN BIRNBAUM The door swings open and a young girl stands inside. Blood is pouring down her face. Her mother, cupping a hand under the girl’s nose, looks up at the pair of visitors who knocked. “We’re from St. Vincent de Paul,” says Ned Delmore, standing with his wife,…

People of Faith - Karen Moyer

Interview by Dan Lee Karen Moyer — businesswoman, mother, wife and philanthropist — is the daughter of Digger Phelps, former Notre Dame men’s basketball coach and current ESPN analyst, and Teresa Godwin Phelps, an author and activist for women’s rights.

Cover Story - Faith on the ferry

BY KEVIN BIRNBAUM The ferry pushes off from the Friday Harbor dock and rumbles up to cruising speed. Soon it is gliding swiftly across the rippling waters as, all around, the lush green San Juan Islands rise dramatically out of the expanse. Overhead, a few cotton-puff clouds hang low in…