Latest Edition - December 2019

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From the Archbishop

Live in the light of Christ

May his light shining through you be an attractive witness of faith, leading others to come to know and believe in Jesus Christ

From the Bishop

The human face of God

Let us all celebrate with joy and great fanfare that God continues to be born in each man and woman

Saints of the Month

Holy Innocents

The Holy Innocents are the boys of Bethlehem put to death by King Herod the Great

The Faithful Servant

How to have great conversations with your kids

Encouraging parents to speak with their children about faith and the church's good news about love and marriage

Your Family Matters

What not to say when someone loses a baby

For those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, the holiday season can be difficult

A Catholic Home

Celebrating like a Catholic

Celebrations are important, even integral to our happiness

Ask a Bishop

How can I find the deeper meaning of Christmas?

Now that my children are all grown, Christmas doesn't mean that much to me. How can I find a new appreciation for the holidays?

Mother of the Americas

Celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe

'Madre de las Americas' celebration marks 25 years

Sheltering the Homeless

Caring for homeless seniors

At Tacoma's Nativity House shelter, extra hands help the elderly and disabled

Called to Serve as Christ

A life of service

Father Phillip Bloom

Seeds of the Word

Are you having a blue Christmas this year?

When sadness freezes our soul in this season


Del Arzobispo

Vivid en la luz de Cristo

Resplandeciendo a través de ustedes, sea un testimonio atractivo de fe, conduciendo a otros a llegar a conocer y creer en Jesucristo

Del Obispo

El rostro humano de Dios

Celebremos todos con júbilo y estruendo de panderos, guitarras y trompetas que Dios sigue naciendo en cada mujer y cada hombre

Semillas de la Palabra

Te sientes triste esta Navidad?

Cuando la melancolía nos enfría el alma en este tiempo

Santo del Mes

Los Santos Inocentes

Los Santos Inocentes son los niños de Belén que murieron a manos del Rey Herodes el Grande