Latest edition - July/August 2018

Father Jim Lee of St. Michael Parish in Olympia. Photo: Horizon Photo Father Jim Lee of St. Michael Parish in Olympia. Photo: Horizon Photo

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Cover Story

'I am blessed'

Father Jim Lee faces his ALS diagnosis with prayer, support from friends, and hope in Jesus Christ

From the Archbishop

Learning the wisdom of the cross, step by step

Like Peter, we are called to follow the Lord, with all our weaknesses and failings

From the Bishop

Tender revolution

The mission of our church

Saint of the Month

St. Lawrence

Young Roman deacon was roasted alive

The Faithful Servant

Praying for our (imagined) enemies

Overcoming the temptation to see life as a series of struggles

Your Family Matters

Humanae Vitae turns 50

Why I'm grateful for the much-maligned papal encyclical on sexuality and marriage

A Catholic Home

Safeguarding Sunday

Plan a post-Mass picnic to savor our God-given day of rest
Ask a Bishop

Revisiting the Lord's Prayer

'Give us this day our daily bread' means more than meets the eye

Share the Journey

Caring for God's children

From orphans to undocumented minors, Sister Phyllis Kelleher has a heart for helping the young

Summer Reading

Faith-filled summer reading recommendations

Here's what Archbishop Sartain and our other writers think you should be reading

Seeds of the Word

Dare to do the impossible

Life is short and one only

Catholic Voices

Reading makes saints

This summer, try putting down your smartphone and making time for deep reading


Del Arzobispo

Aprendiendo la sabiduría de la cruz, paso a paso

Como Pedro, estamos llamados a seguir al Señor, con todas nuestras debilidades y caídas

Del Obispo

Tierna revolución

La misión de nuestra Iglesia

Semillas de la Palabra


La vida es corta y una sola

Santo del Mes

Sn. Lorenzo

Joven diácono romano fue quemado vivo

Pregúntale a un Obispo

Revisando el Padrenuestro

‘Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada día’ significa más de lo que parece a simple vista