Latest Edition - November 2018

Tom Karlin. Photo: Stephen Brasher Tom Karlin. Photo: Stephen Brasher

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Cover Story

Living the Gospel of nonviolence

For more than 40 years, Tom Karlin has been active in life, peace and justice issues

From the Archbishop

The deepest longing of God's heart

One afternoon almost 47 years ago, Father Thomas called me into his office at the seminary to tell me my father had died earlier that day.

From the Bishop

Family, religion, homeland

High-risk treasures

Saint of the Month

St. Frances Cabrini

An Italian missionary who spent her life working with immigrants in the United States

The Faithful Servant

Remembering our 'final cause'

Learning to appreciate Michelangelo's Pieta and cafeteria food

Your Family Matters

How do we rebuild trust?

Here are steps we can take, in our families and in the church

A Catholic Home

A soup for holy souls

Giving thanks for the great gift of community
Ask a Bishop

Why do we have All Saints' Day?

Why do we need a separate celebration for "All Saints?" Doesn't each saint already have a dedicated feast day?

Honoring the Dead

New life for an old cemetery

Jim Puttman's two decades of advocacy bring improvements to Enumclaw-area burial ground

Called to Serve as Christ

'It's been quite a vocation'

A priest for more than six decades, 'retired' Father Steve Roman maintains active in ministry to Grays Harbor parishes

Seeds of the Word

Where there is no love

Dealing with difficult people

Catholic Voices

Cultivating a Catholic imagination

A sacramental view of the world recognizes God in all of creation


Del Arzobispo

El más profundo anhelo del corazón de Dios

Cierta tarde hace casi 47 años, el P. Thomas me llamó a su oficina en el seminario para decirme que mi padre había fallecido ese día. 

Del Obispo

Familia, religión, patria

Tesoros de alto riesgo

Semillas de la Palabra

Allí donde no hay amor

Tratando con personas difíciles

Santo del Mes

Sta. Francisca Cabrini

Francisca Javier Cabrini fue una misionera italiana que pasó gran parte de su vida trabajando con inmigrantes en Estados Unidos

Pregúntale a un Obispo

¿Por qué celebramos la Fiesta de Todos los Santos?

¿Por qué necesitamos una celebración aparte para “Todos los Santos”? ¿Acaso no cada santo ya tiene su fiesta particular?