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Cover Story

Sacred even in death

As temples of the Spirit, Catholics -- cremated or not -- should be laid to rest in a sacred place

From the Archbishop

Our deceased loved ones are safely in God's loving hands

Our grieving hearts say to us of our loved ones who have died, "We belong together!"

From the Bishop

Distracted disciples

To form oneself into a disciple of Jesus requires a lifetime

Saint of the Month

St. Andrew

Jesus' first apostle followed him to martyrdom

The Faithful Servant

Think first about other people's problems

Focusing on our own problems can lead to fear, doubt and paralysis

Your Family Matters

Widows' witness

Widows and widowers have a life full of dignity, purpose and mission

A Catholic Home

Remembering the dead, supporting the living

While we pray for the dead, we can also lend support to grieving friends and family with a remembrance basket

Students of the Month

Kennedy Catholic and Seton Catholic 

Ask a Bishop

Can Catholics believe in evolution?

There is no inherent conflict between the process of evolution and the teaching of the Catholic Church

Family History

'A kid from Tennessee' discovers family roots in Seattle

Archbishop Sartain has learned that his ancestry is much more geographically diverse than he had dreamed

Native American Ministry

Joining the sacred walk

Sister Julie Codd feels privileged to journey with Native people

Seeds of the Word

My neighbor who lived in his car

Really, do count your blessings

Catholic Voices

What can you do to promote vocations?

It's not enough just to figure that the archbishop will find someone, somewhere, somehow, to staff our parish


Del Arzobispo

Nuestros difuntos están a salvo en las manos amorosas de Dios

Nuestros corazones afligidos nos dicen de nuestros amados que han muerto, "¡Estamos juntos!"

Del Obispo

Discípulos distraídos

Paciencia magisterial

Semillas de la Palabra

Mi vecino que vivía en un auto

En verdad, cuenta tus bendiciones

Santo del Mes

Sn. Andrés