¿Hasta cuándo, Señor? ¿Hasta cuándo?

¿Hasta cuándo, Señor? ¿Me olvidarás para siempre?
¿Hasta cuándo me ocultarás tu rostro? (Salmo 12,2)
Han pasado días, semanas y meses, viviendo afligido
por la sombra constante de una pandemia
que nos enferma, nos aísla, nos asusta y nos quita la vida.
Prisionero de un confinamiento;
alejado de mis seres queridos;
viendo a quienes más quiero, enfermos haber caído.

How long, Lord? How long?

How long, Lord? Will you utterly forget me?
How long will you hide your face from me? (Psalm 13:2)
It’s been days, weeks and months living in sorrow
under the constant shadow of a pandemic
that makes us sick, that isolates us, that scares us, that takes our lives.
Captive at home during this confinement,
away from my beloved ones,
watching my dearest ones falling sick.

Finding calm in the storm

As fall settles in, we are coming to terms with dealing with the coronavirus without the consolation of pleasant weather and familiar routines. Characterized by pandemic, economic disruption, social unrest and even murder hornets, it’s no overstatement to describe this year as stormy. 

A habit to break: ‘Doomscrolling’

A June 25 WIRED magazine article described a new and dangerous habit that has become part of popular technology practices. “Doomscrolling” refers to the pattern of scrolling through social media in the midst of a pandemic and social unrest and being flooded with morbid messages that elicit an almost physical discomfort.

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