Confirmation: Who makes the decision?

By Dr. Cathleen McGreal

Q: My son has decided he doesn’t want to be confirmed. Is there something I can do to convince him? Should I force him to go through with it?


Shoes for St. Nick

This children's craft reminds us all of the real-life saint behind Santa Claus

By Patricia Majher

It's easy amid the commercialization of the Christmas season to forget that Santa Claus has his origins in a third-century bishop of our faith named St. Nicholas.

Their teenage daughter is pregnant

What should they do? Sheila says “Our 15-year-old is pregnant — we need to help her raise the baby.” John says “We need to encourage her to give the baby up for adoption.”

By Deacon Tom and JoAnne Fogle

Is Christmas making you crazy?

How to be a more peaceful parent

By Dr. Cathleen McGreal

As we pray for international peace during the Advent season, parents often have immediate concerns for preparing a tranquil family Christmas. I’ve found Advent challenging because it coincides with deadlines for exams and grades. When my four children were young, I began spreading Christmas shopping over months, searching for bargains. Now that they make purchases on their own as Christmas nears, I wonder if I’ve done a “good job.”

A candle for remembering

By Michelle Sessions DiFranco

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, it’s hard not to get caught up in everything that is, well, all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Heck, how can we not, when we’re so bombarded with sights and sounds all around us? Set foot into the realm of retail and you’re blasted with a palette of reds and greens. And all of those easy-listening stations? They play nothing but Christmas music from Halloween to Dec. 25. Hey, I’m not knocking it. I love this time of year. My husband and I are the dreamy types who eat, breathe and sleep the rituals that come with the enchantment of the holidays.

Getting it wrong trying to make things right

What should they do? Tony says "She wants everything to be exactly even for the children." Lynne says "I want to give all of our children the same attention."

By Deacon Tom and JoAnne Fogle

Shouldn’t my kids dress up for Mass?

By Dr. Cathleen McGreal

Q: My kids fight me about getting dressed up for Mass — I think the girls should wear dresses and the boys should wear dress pants. They think clean jeans are fine. Now that they are teens, the battle is getting worse.