‘A kid from Tennessee’ discovers family roots in Seattle

I was born December 31, 1912 and weighed twelve pounds. I can remember a story that was told me when I was small about how my most interesting ancestors were Daniel Boone and Chief Sitting Bull. It might be that both are mythical but still after I was twelve years old we received a letter telling of how my first ancestor in this country came over on the Mayflower and crossed the mountains later with D Boone.

Of course I don’t deny but that this too may be mythical but this letter was written by a relative named Sals Sartin who had taken the “a” out of the name. This man had inquired into our ancestry and found out a few interesting points which he thought we would like to know and we were glad to know them.

Charlottesville and America’s original sin

I vividly remember my first visit to Charlottesville, Virginia. It was about 20 years ago, and I was on vacation with a good friend, who shared with me a passion for American history and for Thomas Jefferson in particular. We had toured a number of Civil War battlefields in Maryland and Virginia and then had made our way to Jefferson’s University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Finally, we ventured outside the city to the little hilltop home that the great founder had designed and built for himself, Monticello.

Tacoma’s Holy Rosary Parish celebrates 125 years

TACOMA – In 1891, many German Catholics in Tacoma wanted to hear homilies preached in their native language. Banding together, they raised funds to buy land and build a church. Then they appealed to their bishop for a German-speaking Benedictine priest. 

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