Deacon Eric Paige

Deacon Eric Paige

Deacon Eric Paige is the Archdiocese of Seattle's executive director for evangelization, formation and discipleship. Contact him at

El Diácono Eric Paige es el Director para el Matrimonio, la Vida familiar y Formación en la Arquidiócesis de Seattle. Pueden contactarle en:

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The Faithful Servant - Higher education: Will it get you where you want to go?

In January through early spring, high school seniors and parents team up to make big decisions about higher education. With Bloomberg Business estimating that, in 30 years, the cost of a university education has increased 1,120 percent and the University of Washington estimating tuition and living expenses for resident students at $27,034 annually, it’s clear the stakes are high. As usual, our faith offers some practical insights into getting these decisions right.