God works discreetly

God, it seems, favors the powerless, the unnoticed, children, babies, outsiders, and refugees with no resources or place to go.

‘Nada hay más poderoso que la humildad de Dios’

Tal vez suene extraño decir que Dios es humilde, para sugerir que el Dios que creó el cielo y la tierra, que ES eternamente y que sostiene todo en la palma de su mano, está ansioso de que lo conozcamos y seamos íntimos amigos suyos. Ese es un llamado muy alto y una gran expectativa, en especial cuando algunas religiones consideran a Dios ser eternamente inalcanzable y distante. Nosotros, los cristianos, sabemos que las cosas son muy distintas: Dios es humilde, Dios es amoroso, Dios es misericordioso y Dios quiere nuestra amistad. De hecho, nos ha creado para tener plenitud y estar en paz en una relación verdadera con Él.

‘There is nothing more powerful than the humility of God’

Perhaps it sounds strange to say that God is humble, to suggest that the God who created heaven and earth, who eternally IS and who holds everything in the palm of his hand, is anxious for us to make his acquaintance and become his intimate friends. That is a tall order and quite an expectation, especially when some religions consider God to be eternally unreachable and distant. We Christians know that things are quite different: God is humble, God is loving, God is merciful, and God desires our friendship. In fact, he has created us to be fulfilled and at peace in a real relationship with him.

After the cross, exuberance

It’s funny where you can learn a lesson and catch a glimpse of the divine. Recently, in a grocery store, I witnessed this incident:

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