Special Report: Crisis in Syria

On March 15, 2011, the so-called Arab Spring arrived in the Middle Eastern nation of Syria, taking the form of demonstrations calling for the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. The growth of the demonstrations soon provoked Assad, whose family has been in power since 1971, into deploying the army against the uprising. The resulting civil war soon grew to its current state which finds approximately nine separate factions all pitted against the government. The war continues to rage and reports of the regime’s use of chemical weapons against its citizens now have the United States moving ever closer to yet another military intervention in the troubled Middle East.

Pope’s peace appeal urgent for Mideast Catholics

By Judith Sudilovsky

Pope Francis' appeal to pray for peace in Syria has a particular urgency for Catholics in the region, who say their countries are most likely to suffer the brunt of any attacks on Damascus.

Bishops: Pray for peace Saturday, Sept. 7

Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and Auxiliary Bishop Eusebio Elizondo asked Catholics in the Archdiocese of Seattle Wednesday to “take to heart” Pope Francis’ call for a day of prayer and fasting on Saturday, Sept. 7, for peace in Syria, the Middle East and the world.

Local woman begins lay consecrated life

By Jennifer Sokol

For Renee Fox, the journey to her new vocation began three years ago following the death of her parents and grandparents, for whom she was the caregiver.

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Local Briefs - Sept 1, 2013

Photos from (1) Burmese priest visits St. Thomas, Tukwilla and (2) Youth Migrant celebrations in St. Charles, Burlington