Pope Francis: To pray, begin with humility

VATICAN CITY – Learning to pray well is a continual process, but should always start from a place of humility, as Jesus demonstrated in the Gospels, Pope Francis said Wednesday.

American sculptor humbled to bring sand Nativity to Vatican

VATICAN CITY – Growing up next door to Daytona Beach in Florida, Rich Varano spent a lot of time making things out of sand with his dad. He never imagined it could turn into his full-time gig — but 30 years later, he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Astronomers recommend renaming Hubble’s law to honor Belgian priest

PARIS – The International Astronomical Union has voted in favor of a recommendation to rename the Hubble law the Hubble-Lemaître law, to acknowledge the contributions of the Belgian priest and astronomer Georges Lemaître to the scientific theory of the expansion of the universe.