Nun wins U.N. prize

WASHINGTONBy Mark Pattison "It is not my work only. It is the Lord's." Such was the summation of Sister Angelique Namaika, a member of the Augustine Sisters of Dungu and Doruma, as she spoke to reporters in an international conference call upon winning the Nansen Refugee Award bestowed annually by…

Papal interview: What did he say?

VATICAN CITYBy Francis X. Rocca In a lengthy and wide-ranging interview with one of his Jesuit confreres, Pope Francis spoke with characteristic frankness about the perils of overemphasizing Catholic teaching on sexual and medical ethics; the reasons for his deliberate and consultative governing style; and his highest priority for the…

Just war? Answers remain murky

WASHINGTONBy Patricia Zapor Even with just war theory as a guide, the answers remain murky to moral and ethical questions about whether a military strike is the appropriate response to what U.S. officials believe was a chemical attack against Syrian civilians, analysts said.

Nuncio: Military strikes on Syria ‘unjustified’

NEW YORKBy Catholic News Service Military strikes on Syria are unjustified and will create a far larger humanitarian disaster for people already suffering from hunger, displacement and critical lack of medical care, said the Vatican nuncio to the United Nations.

Special Report: Crisis in Syria

On March 15, 2011, the so-called Arab Spring arrived in the Middle Eastern nation of Syria, taking the form of demonstrations calling for the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. The growth of the demonstrations soon provoked Assad, whose family has been in power since 1971, into deploying the army against…

Pope’s peace appeal urgent for Mideast Catholics

JERUSALEMBy Judith Sudilovsky Pope Francis' appeal to pray for peace in Syria has a particular urgency for Catholics in the region, who say their countries are most likely to suffer the brunt of any attacks on Damascus.

Nuns undeterred by Egypt violence

CAIROBy James Martone It was lunchtime at Cairo's Italian Hospital, and some of the nuns who reside there were watching state television's latest announcements on Egypt's "war on terror," the expression used by the country's military and its supporters to describe the nationwide crackdown on Islamists.

Benedictine beer as catalyst for evangelization

VATICAN CITYBy Cindy Wooden Even before retired Pope Benedict XVI set up a pontifical council for new evangelization and convoked a world Synod of Bishops on the theme, a new group of Benedictine monks was using Latin and liturgy to reach out to those whose faith was weak or nonexistent.