‘State of the Archdiocese’ report released

The Archdiocese of Seattle has published its latest annual report, which compiles information about the finances and ministries of the Catholic Church in Western Washington and “provides a snapshot of the ‘state of the archdiocese,’” according to archdiocesan CFO Joe Schick.

In an email interview with Northwest Catholic, Schick discussed what people can find in the report, which is available online.


NWC: Why does the archdiocese produce an annual report?

Schick: The annual report is a summary of financial and ministry information in a format that makes it widely available. The information included is intended to show the ministry and administrative information of the chancery offices, for the benefit of the entire archdiocese, as well as the ministry and administrative information for Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services, Associated Catholic Cemeteries and the Fulcrum Foundation.

Who is the intended audience for the annual report?

Archdiocese of Seattle parishioners, school families, all donors, the community at large, anyone who benefits from an archdiocesan service, employees of the archdiocese — anyone and everyone!

Is there anything different about this year’s annual report compared to previous years’?

We did expand the content this year by increasing the depth for the sections that were included in prior reports as well as adding a section for the Called to Serve as Christ capital campaign. Next year we want to add more content for the Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center, Communications and Northwest Catholic. We also made a number of format changes to make it easier to understand and interpret the information.

What kind of information can people find in the annual report?

The information includes current financial information and results, as well as some historical information. We also include services and ministry information for most sections. There is a letter from Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and a letter from the chair of the Finance Council (an advising body to the archbishop). There are links to other websites (CYO Camps, Fulcrum, CCS, etc.).

What are some of the big-picture takeaways to be learned about the archdiocese from the annual report?

It provides a snapshot of the “state of the archdiocese” as of a certain point in time. It is a way to engage parishioners and donors, as well as the community, with an overview of all the good work that we do. It is also a way to be transparent about our finances and ministries.

Why would an ordinary Catholic be interested in looking at the annual report?

The annual report would give our Catholic community a big-picture view of what the archdiocese is doing (versus their parish) on behalf of the entire Western Washington area. Our services are not here only for Catholics but benefit so many people (especially CCS/CHS). I also think it would give everyone a better view of the current state of the archdiocese, what ministries we provide that everyone can benefit from and ways to continue to engage within the Catholic community.