'Call Me Francis' examines the pre-papal life of Jorge Bergoglio

NEW YORK - "What am I doing in Rome? People retire at my age," a pensive, melancholy Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Sergio Hernandez) says early on in "Call Me Francis." Netflix's miniseries renders a textured, honest, yet sympathetic portrait of our current pontiff before he was pope.

'The Crown' and the fundamental values of a society

The Netflix original series “The Crown,” which has to do with the last months of the reign of King George VI and the first years of the reign of his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, is just the kind of program that Americans in particular seem naturally to love. It features beautiful photography of palaces, processions, and formal receptions; and it provides a behind-the-scenes look at the ne plus ultra of the British aristocracy. Consider it “Downton Abbey” on steroids.

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