The challenge of John Chau

Perhaps you’ve heard the extraordinary story of John Chau, the young Christian missionary who tried to bring the Gospel to North Sentinel Island, one of the most remote and isolated communities in the world, and who, for his trouble, was killed before he even got past the beach. His endeavor has inspired a whole range of reactions — outrage, puzzlement, sympathy, deep admiration — and has stirred up in many people, both religious and secular, questions about the missionary nature of Christianity.

El más profundo anhelo del corazón de Dios

Cierta tarde hace casi 47 años, el P. Thomas me llamó a su oficina en el seminario para decirme que mi padre había fallecido ese día. Recuerdo con afecto su amable titubeo, su respeto por mi respuesta silenciosa. La tarea que recayó sobre él ese día nos uniría con el paso de los años, hasta su propia muerte varios años después. No, no solo hasta, sino más allá de su muerte. La vida me ha enseñado que la muerte no pone fin a las relaciones o a lo que de ellas podemos aprender. Lo digo porque conozco major a mi padre ahora que el día que murió.

The deepest longing of God’s heart

One afternoon almost 47 years ago, Father Thomas called me into his office at the seminary to tell me my father had died earlier that day. I remember with fondness his gentle hesitation, his respect for my silent response. The task that fell to him that day would bind us together as the years went by, until his own death several years later. No, not just until — even beyond his death. Life has taught me that death does not put the final limit on relationships or on what we can learn from them; I say that because I know my father better now than I did the day he died.

Catholic Voices - Ash Wednesday: Facing death with hope

Ash Wednesday Mass at Holy Innocents Parish in Duvall is held at 7 o’clock in the evening. It is always dark, always cold, usually rainy or snowy — and always a weeknight. Yet, after Christmas and Easter, that Mass is the best-attended event at our little parish. Standing-room only.

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