Are you moving toward life or death?

What your preferred lifestyles and subcultures can tell you about the direction of your story

By Father William Watson

One of the practices that can help shape your life as sacred story is celebrating sacramental rec-onciliation monthly. A helpful preparation for reconciliation — or confession, as it is commonly known — is an examination of the embedded attitudes or lifestyles that shape your life story. These attitudes, lifestyles and subcultures are far more significant than we may think!

How can I help my teenager get more out of Sunday Mass?

Every Mass can be a life-changing encounter with Christ, if we’re ready for it

By Father Cal Christiansen

Q: My husband and I have three children. We have always tried to make Sunday Mass the center of our lives for our family. I recently had an uncomfortable discussion with my oldest son, who just turned 17. He told me that he thinks Mass is boring, that he doesn’t get anything out of it and that he doesn’t want to go to church anymore. How can I help him see the value and importance of Sunday Mass?