Catholic Voices

From the Editor - June 2020

In this issue of Northwest Catholic, Archbishop Paul D. Etienne has given us two great gifts: a beautiful pastoral letter on the Eucharist, and the proclamation of a special Year of the Eucharist beginning June 14.

The Holy Spirit still breathes fire

In the coloring books and flannelgraphs of my childhood, the disciples of Pentecost stood erect with red teardrops upon their heads. They looked like rows of lit matches. My religion teacher wore her hair in a low bun that covered her ears and told us that on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit arrived like a violent wind. The rest of the class was wondering if she actually had ears under that black hair, but I was wondering how those flames stayed lit. Wouldn’t they blow out?

Seeds of the Word - How will you carry another’s cross?

Jesus has been brutally scourged. He has barely survived the merciless lashes. Now he walks toward Golgotha in extreme pain, condemned to die on a cross, carrying the crossbeam on his shoulders. The distance to Golgotha is short, yet each step seems the last. Jesus can barely advance.