Del Editor - Diciembre 2020

¿Feliz Navidad? En estas épocas de COVID, tal vez no. Demasiadas personas han perdido sus vidas o sus sustentos. Tal vez estamos aislado de amigos y familiares, perdiéndonos las festividades usuales.

From the Editor - December 2020

Merry Christmas? In this season of COVID, maybe not. Too many have lost their lives or livelihoods. Perhaps we’re isolated from friends and family, missing the usual festivities.

Together, apart for the holidays

My mother lives in one of the nation’s hot spots for COVID-19 activity and my own health issues prevent me from traveling, so this holiday season will find us celebrating “together, but apart.” It’s not an ideal situation, but in these uncertain, unprecedented times, we are wise to be realistic and keep hope that soon, we will be able to visit “as of old.”

USCCB president to bishops: Take Gospel to troubled people during pandemic

CLEVELAND – Admitting that people’s faith in God “has been shaken” by the pandemic and related economic turmoil, Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gomez called on his fellow bishops to take the news of the Resurrection and the triumph of life over death directly to people to help them navigate the crises.

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Encontrando la calma en medio de la tormenta

A medida que se adentra más el otoño, nos resignamos a la lucha contra el coronavirus sin el consuelo de un clima agradable y de las rutinas que hemos creado durante el verano. Caracterizado por una pandemia, trastornos económicos, disturbios sociales e incluso avispas gigantes, no es exagerado describir este año como tormentoso.

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