October 2020 - St. Denis and companions

St. Denis and companions

Died circa 250

Feast: October 9

According to St. Gregory of Tours in the sixth century, Denis, the first bishop of Paris, was martyred with Rusticus, a priest, and Eleutherius, a deacon. The Italian-born Denis and several other bishops were sent by the pope to evangelize Gaul (France). Denis and his companions succeeded in spreading the Gospel from an island in the Seine, but were arrested during a persecution by Roman Emperor Decius. After a long imprisonment, they were beheaded and tossed into the river. Their remains were recovered and buried; a chapel built over their graves was replaced by the Abbey of Saint-Denis, now a basilica in a northern Parisian suburb. Denis is a patron of France, and of those suffering possession and headaches.

Northwest Catholic - October 2020

How long, Lord? How long?

How long, Lord? Will you utterly forget me?
How long will you hide your face from me? (Psalm 13:2)
It’s been days, weeks and months living in sorrow
under the constant shadow of a pandemic
that makes us sick, that isolates us, that scares us, that takes our lives.
Captive at home during this confinement,
away from my beloved ones,
watching my dearest ones falling sick.

Who decided what books should be in the Bible?

What a great question — yet not an easy one to answer. The simplest response would be to say that the Holy Spirit decided. But that doesn’t explain the wonderful way in which the Spirit acted.