October 2018 - St. Francis of Assisi

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St. Francis of Assisi

1181/2 - 1226
Feast: October 4

The son of a merchant, Francis was neither studious nor pious in his youth, but led a lively social life among the upper classes and fought in a war with a rival Italian city-state. Returning to Assisi due to illness in 1205, he began to consider a life of voluntary poverty. In a vision he heard Christ tell him, “Repair my house.” He began using his father’s wealth to restore churches, which led to a public quarrel in which he removed his clothing and declared he had no father except God. In 1208, he heard the Gospel reading in which Christ instructs the apostles to go forth without money, shoes, or extra clothing. This way of life soon became a pope-approved rule which attracted a huge number of followers. He received Christ’s wounds, the stigmata, in September 1224, and died October 3, 1226. 

-Catholic News Agency

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