June 2015 - St. Clotilda and St. Thomas More

St. Clotilda and St. Thomas More St. Clotilda and St. Thomas More

St. Clotilda

Royal widow dealt with feuding, murderous family

died 545
Feast day: June 3

The Catholic Clotilda persuaded her pagan husband, King Clovis of the Franks, to allow their children to be baptized and eventually witnessed his baptism in 496 in Reims, France. But her 34-year widowhood was marked by family fights over power. Clotilda took charge of the three sons of Clodomir, her son killed in 524 by a cousin bent on revenge. Another son, the ambitious Childebert, killed the two older grandsons in her care. The third grandson, called Cloud or Clodoald, gave up his claim to the Frankish throne and became a monk. Clotilda left Paris, devoting her final years to charitable works in Tours.

St. Thomas More

Brilliant lawyer beheaded by King Henry VIII

c. 1478–1535
Feast day: June 22

Born in London, Thomas studied at Oxford, married and had four children. King Henry VIII took this brilliant lawyer into his service in 1518, knighted him and named him lord chancellor. But Thomas broke with the king when he divorced Catherine of Aragon and set himself up as supreme head of the church in England. In 1532 Thomas resigned his post, and in 1534 was arrested when he refused to take the oath to the new Act of Succession. Imprisoned for more than a year in the Tower of London, he was convicted of treason and beheaded.

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