The key to genuine humility

By Fr. Ron Rolheiser

Some of the sayings of Jesus on humility seem to raise more questions than they answer. For example, in the parable about taking seats at the table, Jesus suggests that we should not move towards the highest place, lest somebody more important comes along and we will be asked to move lower. Rather, he says, move towards the lowest place so that the host might come and ask us to move higher, and in this way our very humility will be showcased before the other guests.

Hannah Arendt and the ‘banality of evil’

By Father Robert Barron

The appearance of an art house film on the philosopher Hannah Arendt has sparked renewed interest in an old controversy. In 1961, Arendt went to Jerusalem as a correspondent for the New Yorker magazine to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the notorious Nazi colonel accused of masterminding the transportation of millions of Jews to the death camps. Arendt was herself a Jew who had managed to escape from Nazi Germany and who had been, years before, something of an ardent Zionist.

Beatitudes: the heart of Jesus’ teaching

These blessings stretch our hearts and behavior to their fullest potential

"We all want to live happily; in the whole human race there is no one who does not assent to this proposition, even before it is fully articulated.”

Apocalyptic literature: antidote to secularism?

By Russell Shaw

Recently I read about a group in Switzerland that's agitating to remove all reference to God from the Swiss national anthem. Since the national anthem of the United States says nary a word about God, Americans are in no position to point the finger of blame at the godless Swiss.

Understanding the ‘Ecumenical Movement’ within Islam

By Father Thomas Ryan

“What is happening between Sunnis and Shias around the world is a catastrophe. What is happening in Syria is a catastrophe. One voice doesn’t mean a uniformity, but a diversity of respected voices.”

Rejoice! Your life is not about you

By Father Robert Barron

Time Magazine’s recent cover story “The Childfree Life” has generated a good deal of controversy and commentary. The photo that graces the cover of the edition pretty much sums up the argument: A young, fit couple lounge languidly on a beach and gaze up at the camera with blissful smiles — and no child anywhere in sight.

The slow march of goodness

By Fr. Ron Rolheiser

God writes straight with crooked lines. That axiom sounds clever, but is there real truth or depth to it? Can good ever really arise out of evil? Do love, truth and justice ever work out through hatred, lies and injustice? Do crooked lines really straighten?

The ideological divide

By Our Sunday Visitor/CNS

One of the ill fruits of the church's ideological divisions has been a dangerous split between those who are "social justice Catholics" and those who are "pro-life Catholics." This fracturing of the Gospel message and the core teachings of the church has led to a host of unintended consequences.