Rejoice! Your life is not about you

By Father Robert Barron

Time Magazine’s recent cover story “The Childfree Life” has generated a good deal of controversy and commentary. The photo that graces the cover of the edition pretty much sums up the argument: A young, fit couple lounge languidly on a beach and gaze up at the camera with blissful smiles — and no child anywhere in sight.

The slow march of goodness

By Fr. Ron Rolheiser

God writes straight with crooked lines. That axiom sounds clever, but is there real truth or depth to it? Can good ever really arise out of evil? Do love, truth and justice ever work out through hatred, lies and injustice? Do crooked lines really straighten?

The ideological divide

By Our Sunday Visitor/CNS

One of the ill fruits of the church's ideological divisions has been a dangerous split between those who are "social justice Catholics" and those who are "pro-life Catholics." This fracturing of the Gospel message and the core teachings of the church has led to a host of unintended consequences.

Pope Francis mulls Vatican reform

By Russell Shaw

Pope Francis is contemplating a major reworking of the top-level administrative machinery of the church. Commentators sometimes describe this as "reforming the Roman Curia," but if the Pope's own words — together with public and private proposals intended to influence the result — are any indication, the project could extend far beyond reshuffling dicasteries and straightening out the affairs of the Institute for the Works of Religion (the Vatican bank).

Rationalizing our anger and moral indignations

By Fr. Ron Rolheiser

I have come to set the earth on fire and how I wish it were already blazing. ...  Do you think that I have come to establish peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. From now on a household of five will be divided, three against two and two against three.

The art of saying no

By Christina Capecchi

Somewhere along the line, as college-admission rates plunged and smartphones proliferated, “busy” became code for “important.”

We cast the seed, ‘God gives the increase’

The world’s first building designed from scratch to serve as a broadcasting center was Broadcasting House, the head-quarters of the BBC in London, which opened in 1932. The back wall of its entrance hall features a huge sculpture by celebrated British stone-carver Eric Gill with a decidedly Christian inspiration.

A calculated papal risk?

By Russell Shaw

Two days after Pope Francis' now famous remarks on homosexuals and homosexuality, I heard a homily in which the homilist said Francis was giving us light "to see things in a way we never saw them before."