Resolved: Be a better television watcher in 2014

By Mark Pattison


A new year always brings the opportunity for a fresh start. Resolutions can be a tricky thing because they force us to consider altering long-held behavior patterns, and then make an affirmative choice for the change in behavior when the situation presents itself.

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Francis exhorts, media distorts

By Russell Shaw

Thanks partly to tunnel vision reporting and commentary, Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation "Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel),” could be the occasion for a fresh round in an old argument between Catholic pro-lifers and Catholic social justice people. If so, it will be a pity, for this document sets out a generous vision of what Catholics collectively should stand for in today’s world.

The checkered origins of Christmas

By Fr. Ron Rolheiser

If someone who had never heard the story of Jesus were to ask any of us about his origins, we would, I suspect, begin with the story of his annunciation and birth and end with the story of his resurrection and ascension. While that does capture his life, that’s not how the Gospels either begin or end his story.

Catholic media: A gift of faith

By Denise Bossert

One morning last spring, I caught my older daughter flipping through a diocesan newspaper while eating breakfast. I had to smile. On that particular morning, she wasn’t officially Catholic.

“Person of the Year”

By Father Robert Barron

It is splendid indeed that Time magazine has made Pope Francis its “Person of the Year” for 2013. The pope has captured the imagination of the world and has breathed a new life into the Catholic Church. The authors of the Time piece are right in saying that his choice of name has set the tone for his papacy so far. He has resolved to be, like his namesake of old, a friend of the poor and the forgotten. He has determined to be a person of compassion, leading with the merciful face of Christ.

Waiting for a baby: On Advent and adoption

By Christina Capecchi

For years folks told Mike and Maria Slavik that their blue colonial-style house looked like a Christmas card. Maria would be out mowing the lawn in the middle of July and someone would stop to say he loved the way it was decorated for the holidays. So they decided to make it into a card, editing a picture to resemble a painting, blurring the lights into longer strokes, darkening the red poinsettias in the window boxes and the red bows on the wreaths.

‘Every tear brings the Messiah closer’

By Fr. Ron Rolheiser

"People are always impatient, but God is never in a hurry!" The writer and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis wrote those words and they highlight an important truth: We need to be patient, infinitely patient, with God. We need to let things unfold in their proper time, God's time.