Put life’s timeless lessons into practice

Dear class of 2013,
In the past weeks I have spoken to many of you about the days to come, especially about the day to come: Graduation Day. It’s a day to which you look forward with excitement and anticipation, a day which speaks of things past, things to come and things that are timeless.

Loved ones never 'removed'

I have never understood what it means to be “once removed.” Born into a large family, I know about cousins and second cousins; beyond that, I am easily confused. But apparently I have many more cousins “once or twice removed” than I ever dreamed.

Starry night: the power of prayer, wherever you are

By Christina Capecchi

A woman’s mind is like a teleprompter of to-dos that never stops turning.  Unanswered email, unwritten thank-yous, unfolded laundry. Tupperware that needs to be washed and returned. Overdue RSVPs and expired milk. Empty gas tank, full memory card. Birthdays and deadlines, the personal and the professional knotted together beyond the point of repair.

The adventure of classical morality

By Father Robert Barron

One of the most significant fault lines in Western culture opened up in the 16th and 17th centuries, when what we now know as the “modern” world separated itself from the classical and medieval world.

Gay marriage and the breakdown of moral argument

By Father Robert Barron

In his classic text “After Virtue,” the philosopher Alisdair MacIntyre lamented, not so much the immorality that runs rampant in our contemporary society, but something more fundamental and in the long run more dangerous: namely, that we are no longer even capable of having a real argument about moral matters.

‘We are truly blessed’

By Msgr. Robert Weiss

Dear brothers and sisters,

On behalf of our community and parish, we extend our gratitude to each of you who remembered us in prayer following the events of Dec. 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Online registry reveals roots of faith

By Christina Capecchi

Last night, while many of my peers tuned into the finale of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” a three-hour event dubbed “historic” by the show’s ratings-minded host, I delved into some real history. I joined more than 2 million people and subscribed to the genealogy website Ancestry.com.