Easter: The triumph over abandonment

By Carolyn Woo

Ernesto, a farmer in Nicaragua, would panic when he heard the motorcycle approaching his small farm; the bank administrator was coming to collect on the loan that Ernesto had no way of repaying. The money invested in his crops exceeded what he could get for them.

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A conclave is about God’s faithfulness to his promise

The historic events soon to take place in Rome will be at their deepest core Christian events: the choosing and installation of a successor to St. Peter as universal head of the Church. There has been widespread interest in the Catholic Church in recent weeks due to Pope Benedict’s decision to resign because of age, interest spanning continents and religions, languages and cultures.

Pope Francis leads us with Christ to the Father

One of my prized possessions is the yellowed front page of an old newspaper. Carefully preserved by my father the August 15, 1945, edition of The Oklahoman proclaims “PEACE!” in bright red letters 6 inches tall. It was the end of World War II, at long last a time for the reunification of millions of families like ours.