Sarcasm is poisonous

Among the things forbidden in our house as I was growing up — vulgar, racist, or blasphemous words — was the word stupid. To be honest, at first it struck me as odd that we were not allowed to use that word, because it seemed fairly benign as words go. I gradually came to realize that it was off-limits because it is a cheap word too easily thrown around to offend or belittle.

The McCarrick mess

When I was going through school, the devil was presented to us as a myth, a literary device, a symbolic manner of signaling the presence of evil in the world. I will admit to internalizing this view and largely losing my sense of the devil as a real spiritual person.

The real tragedy of sin

The real tragedy of sin is that often the one who is sinned against eventually becomes a sinner, inflicting on others what was first inflicted upon him or her. There’s something perverse within us whereby when we are sinned against we tend to take in the sin, complete with the sickness from which it emanated, and then struggle not to act out in that same sick way. The ultimate triumph of sin is that first being sinned against, we often become sinners.

El racismo es pecado y contrario a la fe cristiana

Creciendo en las décadas de 1950 y 1960, parecía que los programas de televisión interrumpían su transmisión muy a menudo para dar un desconcertante anuncio familiar: "Interrumpimos este programa para darles un boletín especial de noticias." Solemne y sin adornos, aquellas palabras nunca significaban buenas noticias, y aun siendo niño, me daba cierto temor. Si las noticias ocurrían durante las horas de escuela, nuestro director hablaba inesperadamente en el micrófono.

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