Blessed biscotti

Bake a batch of the sweet treat even St. Francis let himself enjoy

By Michelle Sessions DiFranco

What do a modern-day professor from Canada and a 13th-century saint from Italy have in common? The answer, improbably enough, is a cookbook, called Cooking with the Saints: An Illustrated Treasury of Authentic Recipes Old and Modern.

He thinks her faith is too much of a good thing

By Deacon Tom and JoAnne Fogle

The first thing we noticed is both Laura and Steve agree that religious practices are driving them apart, instead of bringing them closer together. When both spouses recognize the particular wall that is keeping them apart, that is a step in the right direction. If both see it, then they both have a joint project to remove it.

Does forgiving mean forgetting?

By Dr. Cathleen McGreal

In his 1605 novel, Don Quixote de la Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra writes, “Let us forget and forgive injuries.” When my son, Ryan, heard this month’s topic for my column, he immediately said, “Like the time I was playing ball in the living room and broke your statue of Mary.”

A tisket, a tasket, a spiritual lift in a gift basket

By Michelle Sessions DiFranco

Not long ago, a friend of mine was sharing how down she was feeling. She was pondering a litany of New Age remedies for her slump. At the end of our talk, she suggested that we go and get a pedicure together to help get her mind off of her problems. I was up for the pampering, so I agreed to go.

What do they do?

By Deacon Tom and JoAnne Fogle

When Tim and Maureen, like all married couples before them, stood before God and the community and pledged their love by repeating the words “for better, for worse” or “in good times and in bad,” they totally committed themselves to each other. No matter how difficult, they committed to making it work “until death do us part.”

Three ways to help your child pray in a healthy way

By Dr. Cathleen McGreal

Not long ago, my son Ryan came home from school saying, “This is my lucky day!” He put four quarters in the vending machine and two bottles of soda popped out. The expectation with vending machines is that you put in a designated number of coins, press the button that matches what you want and, presto, a product is there for your enjoyment.