The ‘O Antiphons’ of Advent

Each year, as we enter the final stretch of Advent, the church brings forth from its treasury a collection of ancient prayers, “The Great O Antiphons,” which express our longing for the coming of Christ. 

An Advent gift of silence

A few years ago, our family spent three days at Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon. We found ourselves drawn in by the beauty of the monks praying the Liturgy of the Hours in that magnificent church. Possibly the most pleasant was Night Prayer as the monks finished their prayers singing the Salve Regina before a statue of the Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child.

What success looks like

There’s a reason so many job interviews include the question “What does success look like?” Whether the interviewer or interviewee asks the question, it clarifies expectations for everyone. It helps in other settings too. A family traveling to Disneyland can use it to determine whether a successful trip means waiting in line to ride the most popular rides, meeting as many of the characters as possible or relaxing by the pool at the hotel.

Finding calm in the storm

As fall settles in, we are coming to terms with dealing with the coronavirus without the consolation of pleasant weather and familiar routines. Characterized by pandemic, economic disruption, social unrest and even murder hornets, it’s no overstatement to describe this year as stormy.