Hacer espacio para Dios

Una serie de parroquias y colegios en la arquidiócesis ha estado mostrando una película llamada LIKE a los padres y alumnos. Es un documental acerca de los problemas que se crean debido al exceso de uso de las redes sociales, y que formula la pregunta: “¿Estás usando la tecnología, o está la tecnología usándote a ti?” Aunque este documental plantea más preguntas que respuestas, nuestra fe puede mostrarles el camino a aquellos que no desean ser utilizados por la tecnología.

Make space for God

A number of parishes and schools in the archdiocese have been screening a movie called LIKE to parents and students. It documents the problems created by excessive social media use and asks the question “Are you using technology, or is technology using you?” Though this movie raises more questions than it answers, our faith can show the way for those of us who don’t want to be used by technology.

Real love vs. pornography

In the late 1930s, Nikolaas Tinbergen demonstrated a new concept in biology: “supernormal stimulus.” Introducing plaster eggs larger and more brightly colored than ordinary eggs into birds’ nests, he found that birds could be tricked into neglecting their real eggs in favor of the fake ones. Similarly, he used models, larger and more brightly colored than ordinary butterflies, to lure male butterflies away from real females. Animals can’t always tell the difference between a counterfeit and the real thing.

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