January/February 2021 – St. Angela Merici

St. Angela Merici


Feast: January 27

By age 26, Angela had lost most of her wealthy Italian family to death. As a Franciscan tertiary, she performed good works and taught catechism to girls in her home in Desenzano del Garda. Two visions inspired her to found a congregation dedicated to the religious training of young women; she began this mission with a school in Brescia. Earlier she had endured an episode of blindness while on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and had rejected a papal request to run all charities in Rome. In 1535, she founded the Ursulines and served as superior until her death. This mystic, a patron of catechists, reportedly was fascinated from childhood by the legend of St. Ursula, an early virgin-martyr.

Northwest Catholic January/February 2021

Family: A school of deeper humanity

Christians see the world differently. Many in our culture see life as an opportunity to define ourselves and live our dreams. In contrast, we Christians follow Jesus who “humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross” (Philippians 2:8).

12 New Year's eucharistic resolutions

It is common to begin a new year defining 12 resolutions that will help us to be better. As we celebrate the Year of the Eucharist in the Archdiocese of Seattle, I propose the following resolutions to benefit from this jubilee and grow even closer to the Eucharistic Jesus.

Finding God in silence

When I was young and somehow given the chance to stay home alone, I loved to sit in the quiet house and hear what I could hear. It was strange to me that even without my sisters playing or my great-grandmother’s television blaring, the house was not quiet. I could hear the hum of the refrigerator and the lull of the cars on the main street beyond ours — even our house crackled as it settled.

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