May 2019 - St. Philip Neri

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St. Philip Neri


Feast: May 26

Philip Neri was born to a poor family in Florence, Italy. As a young man, he received a vision that he had a special mission in Rome. While in Rome, he studied philosophy and theology and tutored. Eventually he sold all his books, gave the money to the poor, and began visiting the sick. He co-founded the Confraternity of the Most Holy Trinity and began to preach, leading to the conversion of many. During this time, he was a layperson and lived as a hermit; eventually a friend convinced him to become a priest, and he was ordained in 1551. Pope Gregory XIV wanted to make him a cardinal, but he declined. He founded the Congregation of the Oratory, also known as the Oratorians, dedicated to preaching and teaching, which still exists.

-Catholic News Agency

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