Travel fatigue and mercy lessons

(Warsaw church where Seattle young adults joined a welcome barbecue and prayer with other World Youth Day pilgrims on July 23. Photo: Tyler Smith)

By Rogelio Navarro

Wow! Today we actually began the World Youth Day pilgrimage! After all that tremendous planning, anticipation and hard work, it is finally a reality! 

We are incredibly grateful and blessed to have prayed together before embarking on a safe journey from Seattle to Frankfurt, totaling about 9 hours in the air. With the time change, we left during full light of day and arrived during full light of day this morning. Oh boy, were we tired! 

When we arrived in Warsaw, we were greeted by a kind guide named Eva, who gave us a short tour of the capitol on our bus ride to the hotel. Soon after, we rubbed the red out of our eyes and continued on to a pilgrims' welcome barbecue. We were greeted by some very enthusiastic and welcoming speakers, Chris and Eric, who emphasized how suffering transformed the lives of the saints and how that relates to the message of the Divine Mercy in our lives. We ended the day with confession, adoration, prayer, excitement and happy bellies filled with Polish cuisine. 

We were told to each ask ourselves "Why am I here on this pilgrimage?" and to do the following:
a) Ask for mercy
b) Be merciful
c) Completely trust in God's mercy

We will continue to hold these questions in our hearts as we journey on the pilgrimage of mercy.

Rogelio Navarro, is a young adult pilgrim to World Youth Day and a parishioner at Holy Family in Kirkland.

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