The story of our lives

I’m beginning the new year with a clean office. It seems a good place to start, a practical way to set me up for any other resolutions I make.

Learning to read Chesterton

I suppose it will be considered heresy in some quarters, but I’ve never been what you would call a fan of the writing of G.K. Chesterton. Some people can’t get enough of GKC. I can.

Pray — and work — to end abortion

The rosary is a staple of the Catholic pro-life movement. But it’s a strange experience praying the joyful mysteries outside an abortion clinic — especially the first mystery, the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary she would bear the Son of the Most High. It seems at once poignantly ironic and perfectly fitting.

Turning off the noise to listen to God

I sit at the desk in my little home office. A fall sun streams through the window, pouring brilliant light on my plant. If a plant could speak, I know it would tell me how happy it is.

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